Viva Defoamer IDF 123


DEFOAMER IDF 123 is a silicone defoamer designed to provide maximums foam control in non aqueous systems. IDF 123 is specially formulated to provide the performance of a high viscosity fluid with ease of handling of a lower viscosity fluid. IDF 123 is compatible with and effective in nonionic, cationic and anionic systems. IDF 123 provides excellent defoaming properties in acid, alkaline, or neutral systems.

IDF 123 has the performance versatility that makes it an outstanding general purpose defoamer for oil production foam problems.

•Defoaming requirements differ from system to system.
•Laboratory evaluation and/or plant trial are necessary to determine actual treating rates.
•IDF 123 should be fed by means of a chemical proportioning pump for continuous injection into the system.
•IDF 123 also produces effective foam control by being batch fed to the system.

Product Sizes

DEFOAMER IDF 123 209/1000 Litres Inquire Now