Imperial Demulsifier IDE 9096


IMPERIAL DEMULSIFIER IDE 9096 is an oil soluble, high water dispersible product especially effective in the treatment of production tank bottoms and slop oils.

Three primary causes for tank bottoms and slop oils are:

  1. Inefficient treatment of basic sediment and water (BS&W) by the regular emulsion breaker causing interface and bottoms build-up.
  2. Solids such as iron sulphide, clay, silica, etc. tend to stabilize emulsions making it difficult for the emulsion breaker to disperse them into the water phase.
  3. Asphaltenes, naphthenates and paraffins can also stabilize emulsions particularly in cold weather. IDE 9096 should be used in batch treatments to remove tank bottoms or break slop oil emulsions and on a continuous basis to prevent tank bottoms. The product will also aid emulsion breakers in certain crudes.


IDE 9096 is a blend of oil soluble, water dispersible organic chemicals. IDE 9096 does not contain carbon disulfide or other materials normally considered hazardous to personnel. This product contains no chlorinated hydrocarbons, arsenic, lead, or other materials considered damaging to refinery catalysts.


IDE 9096 is recommended for use as a continuous or batch type treatment as follows:

1. Continuous treatment can be applied just ahead of the stock tank to prevent tank bottoms from building. The treatment rate will depend on the severity of the problem. Approximately 0.5 quart chemical/100bbl oil is a good starting point.
2. Batch or slug treatment should be used at the stock or wash tank to break up
BS&W and permit freewater dropout.

3. If the tank can be circulated by the pump. IDE 9096 can be injected into the circulating line.
4. If the tank is rolled with gas, IDE 1996 can be added slowly through the top while the tank is rolling. Continued rolling after adding IDE 9096 aids in mixing of the product and the tank bottoms.

Product Sizes

IMPERIAL DEMULSIFIER IDE 9096 209/1000 Litres Inquire Now