Imperial Oil Spill Disperant OSD 240


IMPERIAL OIL SPILL DISPERANT OSD 240 is a medium-duty oil spill dispersant having the ability to penetrate and remove accumulations of dirt and grease. OSD 240 has been specially formulated to provide a versatile multipurpose cleaner.


OSD 240 is recommended for the following applications:

  1. In shops for washing engine parts, cleaning carburetors, machinery. Tools and shop floors
  2. General cleaning around rigs and in shop areas
  3. In building maintenance to remove floor wax
  4. In service stations to wash white sidewall tires and to clean windshields, tools, grease, racks and driveways.
  5. As an oil slick dispersant
  6. As a cuttings wash where oil mud are used


OSD 240 can be used as a solvent cleaner or as a water soluble detergent. It can be used concentrated or diluted with water. Dilute one part of OSD 240 with ten parts of water for cleaning ordinary greasy surfaces. OSD 240 should be used at full length on thick deposits of grease and dirt. OSD 240 will penetrate and loosen deposits so they can be washed free from the surface

Product Sizes

IMPERIAL OIL SPILL DISPERANT OSD 240 209/1000 Litres Inquire Now