Imperial Water Clarifier IWC 181


IMPERIAL WATER CLARIFIER IWC 181 is an aqueous formulation containing a cationic polymer and a multivalent salt. It is a water clarification chemical used to treat-produced water effectively to remove oil and solids. The product resolves oil-in-water (reverse) emulsions, coalesces oil particles, and agglomerates suspended solids. Treatment with IWC 181 reduces the need for expensive clarification equipment and provides more efficient performance from existing equipment. Effluent standards are generally met the oil content of discharge waters.


IWC 181 should be applied continuously to the flow lines by use of a chemical injection pump. The product may be fed directly from the drum or may be diluted with water before application. The chemical injection pump should be located upstream of equipment designed to remove the oil and solids from the water. Also, the chemical should be injected where rapid and efficient mixing will occur.

Product Sizes

IMPERIAL WATER CLARIFIER IWC 181 209/1000 Litres Inquire Now